About Space

The Space/IT department at Planning, Design & Construction has two primary missions. To track and report space owned and occupied by the University of Florida and to support the division in IT related activities.

State Requirements for Space Reporting

The Educational Plant Survey process is required by Florida Statutes of all public educational entities. For the State University System it is a requirement that at a minimum of every five years, that each university reports on the use of its existing facilities and project out five years its future facility needs. This projection must be based on an examination of data on its existing facilities and a projection of future needs based on anticipated university growth.

The State Board of Governors requires an annual “Physical Facilities Space File” submission in which all sites, buildings and rooms are reported.

University Uses of Space Data

Many departments utilize space data for many purposes. Below is a small list of some of the important reasons the University tracks space.

Services We Provide

Contact Information
Frank Phillips, Associate Director
Planning, Design & Construction
232 Stadium
PO Box 115050
Gainesville, FL 32611-5050
Phone: 352-273-4005
Fax: 352-273-4034
Systems We Support

UF Campus Map
Main publicly accessible UF Campus Map.

UF Space Tracking & Reporting System
Tracks all university ownled, leased or used space.

Space Inventory & Allocation System
Allows departments to report space changes, allocate space, projects and occupants.

UF Map Administration
Allows for custom maps to be created, used by Real Estate & Asset Management, UF-IT and Emergency Management.

Project Tracker
Used to track construction and renovation project information.

Building Emergency Coordinators
Allows HealthNet to bill for port charges in the Health Center.

UF Metrics
Analytic and management tool for research productivity.

System that allows departments to track and manage their asset inventory.

PDC SharePoint
Internal department SharePoint site used for both internal department files and project file document management.

HealthNet Port Billing
Allows HealthNet to bill for port charges in the Health Center.

Website Support
Maintain websites for Vice President of Business Affairs, St. Augustine & PDC.