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The Space/IT department at Facilities, Planning & Construction has two primary missions. To track and report space owned and occupied by the University of Florida and to support the division in IT related activities. To that end we support a number of systems that departments use to maintain and report facility and project data.

UF STARS (Space Tracking & Reporting System)

Purpose: Official record of UF sites, buildings, rooms and associated data. Directly produces data for the BOG Physical Facilities Space File submission.

Known space data feeds: RCM, PeopleSoft, Pinnacle (CNS), AIM (PPD work order system), Registrar class scheduling, IFAS work order system

Systems based on UF-STARS: Space Inventory and Allocation, CoM Metrics, myAssets, BEC (Building Emergency Contacts, EH&S), campus map, Registrar class schedule viewer

Future Goals:

  • Expand Site Assets
  • Implementation of STARS Mobile
  • Conversion of existing building floor plans to Building Information Models (BIM)
  • Enhance PO&M tracking to include PO&M site distribution, etc.

Space Inventory & Allocation System

Purpose: System developed and maintained in conjunction with Cost Accounting to collect space allocation information to support the Federal Indirect Cost negotiations. System is open year-round for editing, however certification and authorization of space by department contacts is done yearly (spring).

Known space data feeds: RCM, CoM Metrics

CoM Metrics

Purpose: Developed for the College of Medicine to analyze and manage research space. The system combines data from UF-STARS, Space Inventory and Allocation, the DSR NOA master database and various HR tables from the Enterprise Systems ODBC warehouse to create both faculty and space performance metrics. The metric is stated in terms of dollars of IDC on active projects per square foot of assigned space. This also allows a given space to be compared to its RCM facilities charge.

Future: Expansion to other HSC colleges.

UF Campus Map

Purpose: Public web-based campus map for the University of Florida. Current map utilizes Google Map API technology and overlays information from the PDC maintained GIS database. A link is provided in ISIS to display a student's class schedule.

Future Goals: Implementing a shibboleth-secured administrative map for non-public site data (utilities, waste management, campus planning, etc) including editing capabilities. Mobile version.

Project Tracker

Purpose: Internal software used to track construction and renovation project information including a shadow financial system. Used by PDC, IFAS and PPD Utilities.

Future Goals:

  • Integration with SharePoint


Purpose: PDC uses UF SharePoint for division document storage and collaboration. Currently focused on Project Management documentation and collaboration with project team members (Architects, Contractors, Commissioning Agents, etc).

Future Goals:

  • Financial Document processing via workflow
  • Additional collaboration initiatives with project teams


Purpose: Assists UF departments in tracking and maintaining their property inventory. The system allows users to electronically submit forms to Asset Management for processing, run reports as well as request duplicate decals. It also allows Asset Management to track user requests and manage their surplus inventory. This system was developed jointly between Asset Management and Facilities Planning and Construction.

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