UF-400 - Cypress Hall, Single Student Housing 2015

Location: Cypress Hall Student Housing (0086)

Project Description: 0086 - The purpose of the proposed new residence hall is to increase the number of beds available to undergraduate students (255 beds). These additional beds will accommodate the increased demand from first-time in college students requests for campus housing, students wishing to move to campus housing from off-campus, and to minimize the amount of overflow housing. This residence hall will add to the inventory of the most popular living style arrangements for single undergraduate students. Variety and options continue to dominate the market for single student campus housing. To this end the DHRE is proposing to design a mix of Single Occupancy Suites, Double Occupancy Suites, Single and Double Occupancy ADA Enhanced Suites (35 beds) and several "Super Suite" style rooms where six residents would share one to three bathrooms and a living room space.

Project Manager:
Standby PM: Albertson,A Miles
Architect: Ponikvar & Assoc Inc
Contractor: Charles Perry Partners Inc
Substantial Completion Date: August 2015

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