Land Use and Facilities Planning Committee: Responsibilities: A) Participate in the development and updating of the Master Plan B) Monitor the execution of the Master Plan C) Recommend policies for land use and facility development.

Lakes, Vegetation and Landscaping Committee: Responsibilities: A) Items that affect the use of University lakes, including guidelines for use of such lakes in order to preserve their ecological integrity and research capabilities. B) Management and well being of natural areas containing non-domesticated plants and animals. C) Policies regarding the removal of trees and other vegetation. D) Provide input to the University Land Use and Facility Planning Board regarding planning of major landscape elements such as green space, open space, and significant architectural features to ensure their compatibility with existing and planned landscaping and master planning.

Preservation of Historic Buildings and Sites Committee:Responsibilities: A) Assist the University in implementing its Policy on Historic Preservation. B) Assist the University in fulfilling federal and state obligations with respect to its historic and archeological resources. C) Report to the Vice President for Business Affairs the significant findings and all matters considered by the Committee.

Parking and Transportation Committee: Responsibilities: A) Review and recommend rules and regulations, of a non-financial nature, governing the traffic, parking and registration of vehicles, bicycles, scooters and motorcycles on the campus. B) Review and recommend programs to meet and enhance the parking and transportation on the campus. C) Review and recommend site locations for new parking facilities on the campus. D) Review and recommend existing parking lot enhancements on the campus. E) Review and recommend special parking requests from University departments, students, staff and faculty. F) Review and recommend any significant findings regarding all parking and transportation matters. G) Report to the Vice President for Business Affairs the significant findings of the Committee regarding all parking and transportation matters considered by the Committee.