State Land Management Plans

The University of Florida is responsible for preparing State Land Management Plans for state-owned properties that are subject to the provisions of Section 253.034, Florida Statutes and Rule 18-2 Florida Administrative Code.

These plans are submitted to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for approval. As prescribed in Florida Statutes, such state lands are to be "managed to serve the public interest by protecting and conserving land, air, water and the state's natural resources, which contribute to the public health, welfare, and economy of the state". The lands managed by the University of Florida support the academic and research mission of the university.

Current land management plans cover properties that support the missions of the Department of Astronomy, Department of Zoology, and the Florida Museum of Natural History. The University of Florida works with these academic/research units, the FDEP, and local governments to ensure coordination in the management of these state land resources.

The following land management plans were completed on July 1, 2002. The land management plan for the Randell Research Center at Pineland was approved in April 2003 as an amendment to the land management plan for Randell Mound at Pineland.

Clark Island at Cedar Key
Randell Research Center at Pineland
Rosemary Hill Observatory