About the Architectural Review Council

The Architectural Review Council is comprised of faculty from the UF College of Design, Construction and Planning (DCP), staff from the UF Department of Planning, Design and Construction (PDC), as well as architectural alumni and practicing architects. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Faculty Senate Land Use and Facilities Planning Committee as well as UF Administration and provides the professional expertise needed by the LUFPC to fully evaluate the work submitted by our professional consultants. It is important that the design of our buildings and open spaces contribute to our quest for preeminence, and represent the aspirations defined in UF’s Campus Design Guidelines as well as the Strategic Development Plan. Rather than dictate design, the ARC will guide the design process by asking the right professional questions, and will lead our consultants, as well as the greater University community, to a deeper understanding of the role of architecture on campus.

It is said that architecture begins once function is decided…that is to say that once the basic programmatic requirements of a building are provided, then the architects can turn their attention to higher pursuits. It is to this end that the Architectural Review Council (ARC) is convened. Review by the ARC will ensure that our design consultants offer more than just a basic response to program and that they adequately consider issues of style & material, mass & shape, scale & proportion, balance, sustainability, light & shadow, as well as the implications of their designs on our open and civic spaces. Our buildings should be designed with thoughtful intent.

Beyond the basics of architectural design, the ARC will lead the discussion on the larger architectural issues that concern the university, such as determining the proper place of history in our building designs and the importance of contextual design. What role can iconic buildings play in our quest for preeminence? Should our building vocabulary reflect today’s values that champion plurality, inclusivity, populism, symbolism and subjectivity as opposed to some modernist design dogma?

Ideally, by addressing these complex issues in a large conversation, we can eventually distill an architecture that is uniquely ours. The University of Florida’s commitment to a superior campus experience must be matched with an appropriate project development process, and review by the ARC is an important part of it.

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